" How To Take Payments Online
- Using PAYPAL"



Chris Farrell here.

This week I want to show you exactly how easy it is to receive payments online.

To receive payments - you will need to use what is known as a payment processor.  There are a few payment processors out there.  Clickbank is worth noting (and I will be covering Clickbank in next week's Success Grenade) but for this week – I want to show you how to use PAYPAL.

This is how the payment process utilizing paypal works:

Using Paypal On Your Website

You have a product you wish to sell (be it yours or an affiliate) 

You add a paypal button to your webpage (I'm about to
show you how)

A visitor clicks on this button – and is directed to
paypal’s secure site

At paypal – your visitor purchases the product

After the payment is verified – the purchaser is directed
back to your/the affiliate download page

It is at this download page – your purchaser can access
their product

For those that may be unaware - being an affiliate means simply you are marketing somebody else's product (I didn't know that when I started...)

In fact the payment process using an affiliate is even easier!  After the payment has been verified – paypal will send your visitor to your affiliate’s site – and they will take care of the download.  You just wait for your commission! 

However whether you are selling your own product or an promoting an affiliates - you will need to know how to create a PAY button for your site.

And you'll be pleased to know
its very easy. 

You will have to sign up (for free) at paypal first - to create your own account.  If you haven't yet got a paypal account - sign up for yours here:

Once you have your own paypal account - log into paypal to create your PAY button.

You can see me do this - step by step - in this video:

 So there you go!  Adding a paypal button to your site.

 After a successful purchase - you simply tell paypal to send your purchaser to either
 your download page - or to your affiliates download page.

 Please note I have covered in step by step detail in the last few weeks how exactly to
 create your own download page.  

 Ok - that's all for this week.

 Next week - I'll be telling you all about Clickbank.  Clickbank is the Internets largest 
 digital marketplace, where thousands buy and sell products everyday.   Have a look
 for yourself here.

 Clickbank works in two ways.  Firstly you can make money by promoting Clickbank
 products (ie you become an affiliate) OR you can offer your product to Clickbank and
 have thousands of affiliates promoting your product (and taking a % of every sale they

 But more about this in 7 days!

 As always - any questions - do yell!

 Have a great week,


  Chris Farrell
 Chris Farrell